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Antique French Mercury Glass candlesticks

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Antique French Mercury Glass candlesticks, all in lovely condition.

Mercury glass (or silvered glass) is glass that was blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed.
Silvered "mercury" glass is considered one of the first true "art glass" types, that is, glass that was made for display and for its inherent artistic value rather than for utilitarian use.
New "mercury glass" can be distinguished from antique silvered glass in several ways, including lack of a double wall, and solid bottoms that are different from true antique silvered glass.

Left hand Candlestick: Antique Mercury glass candlestick, with worn, handpainted floral decorations to the middle still evident and some handpainted lines to the base. Original plug still present. Measures: 22.5cm

Middle Candlestick: Antique mercury glass candlestick  with worn, hand painted floral decoration.
This item is in good antique condition with some wear but no chips or cracks. Measures 21cm tall.

Right hand candlestick: Antique Mercury Glass Candlestick in beautiful condition with some foxing to the glass. Plain candlestick without any handpainted decorations. The original plug that would have sealed the bottom of the candlestick has now gone but this is very common in Antique Mercury glass. Measures 22.5cm tall.


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