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Antique 19th Century French Stoneware Cider Bottles

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Antique 19th Century French Stoneware Cider Bottles, from the Burgundy Region of France

Highly collectible, these stoneware bottles are getting harder to find and we currently have 3 in stock.  Two are in really good condition("C" and "7" )and are the first two on the left of the photo.  Bottle "A", on the far right, is also in good condition but has a very faint hairline crack which appears to be beneath the glaze, suggesting there was maybe a fault in the original mould. This doesn't affect its useage and is not that noticeable. All three bottles have an embossed stamp to the front and in the most beautiful Beige colourway. Bottles "c" and "7" are priced at £55, Bottle "A" is priced at £50 to reflect the slight fault.


Measures: Height 29cm, Diameter base 8cm


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