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Antique 18th Century Rushlight Holder

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Antique 18th Century Rushlight holder with candleholder

Beautiful rare Rushlight Holder with candleholder on its original patinated wooden base, circa 1700's.

***A Rushlight is a type of Candle formed by soaking the dried pith of the Rush plant in fat or grease. For several centuries rushlights were a common source of artificial light for poor people throughout the British Isles. They were extremely inexpensive to make. English essayist William Corbett wrote, "This rushlight cost almost nothing to produce and was believed to give a better light than some poorly dipped candles."

The burning rushlight was normally held by metal clips at an angle of about 45 degrees. If the rush is held vertically it tends to have a dimmer flame. If held horizontally it may burn too quickly.

The rushlight holder was usually mounted on an iron tripod or a wooden block.  Antique rushlight holders are now collectors' items.  They were never mass-produced but were individually made by local craftsmen and blacksmiths.*** (Wikipedia source)

Measurements: Height 33cm, Width 15cm, Depth 9cm

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