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Amazing Vintage German Goose Feather Christmas Tree 3ft (92cm)

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Amazing Vintage German Goose Feather Christmas Tree 3ft (92cm)

Rare Goose Feather Christmas Tree in lovely condition with most of the original red berries still present. This beautiful tree dates from around the 1920's and can be removed from its original red wooden base. There is some light unfurling on a couple of branches but this is not too noticeable at all.

The Goose Feather Trees were the very first "Artificial Victorian Christmas Trees" and were made from as early as 1845, in an attempt to counteract the deforestation concerns in Germany at the time. Goose feathers were plentiful and these feather trees began to be produced as a cottage industry as the alternative to cutting a live tree. 

The feather sticks were drilled into a larger one to resemble the branches on a tree; the feathers were often died green to imitate pine needles. The trees were made to resemble the locally growing white pines of the German forestland, so they had wide spaces between their branches, short "needles," and composition "berries" on the end of every branch tip.



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