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Antique Belgian Madonna and Baby Child Wax Dolls

Price £85.00

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Antique Belgian Madonna and Baby Child Wax Dolls.

Both wax dolls are in very good condition with some slight damage to one of the child's hands but nothing too detrimental.

The body of the Madonna is mainly wooden with some wadding/padding underneath the dress and cloak. The baby Jesus is wax only on its face and arms/hands and then wadding underneath its costume. The costumes they are dressed in are also in very good condition and have lots of beautiful detailing. There are a few stones missing from one piece of the Madonna's crown but otherwise, all jewellery still in tact. The very fine tulle veil has disintegrated in places with age. Extremely beautiful religious figurines which would have been displayed in a glass cloche, originating from Belgium.

Measurements: Height 31cm, Width (widest point at baseof cloak) 24cm, Depth 15cm

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