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Collection antique 19th century dough boards

Price £200.00

Collection antique 19th century dough boards, sourced from the Mediterranean

These fabulous dough boards are all hand carved from a single piece of wood and are unique. They all have gorgeous patina, some more floury than others, some much darker patina and some have ancient metal repairs. They are priced and sold individually.

Please study the photos and read the descriptions below which list the boards from the largest one (at the back) to the smallest one (at the front)

1. XL Dough board with zinc metal repairs and floury patina. Measures: height 81cm, width 54cm, depth 3cm Price: £200

2. XL Dough board with pointy handle and very dark patina all over. Rounded top which looks apple like and has a dark round patina on one side. No metal repairs. Measures: height 83cm, width 50cm, depth 3cm Price: £185

3. L Dough board with flatter handle, no metal repairs and very dark patina all over, especially on one side. Measures: height 80cm, width 44cm, depth 3cm Price: £175

4. XL Round Dough board with beautiful copper repairs. There are marks on the back where two wooden slats have been removed. Measurements: height 79cm, width 68cm, depth 3cm Price: £185

5. L Round dough board with copper repairs and floury patina. There are some small holes on this board where wooden slats have been removed. This is a wonderful looking dough board. Measurements: height 70cm, width 48cm, depth 3cm Price: £175

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